Jeep XJ/MJ/JT/ZJ/JK/JKU/JL/JLU/LJ/TJCE-9904-18 - Antirock® Aluminum Arms (18" Long)

RockJock, Sway Bar

CE-9904-18 - Antirock® Aluminum Arms (18" Long)

CE-9904-18 - Antirock® Aluminum Arms (18" Long)



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RockJock® offers optional machined lightweight billet aluminum arms for Antirock® sway bar kits for the hardcore rock crawling crowd. These arms are machined out of 6061T6 3/4″-thick aluminum and are 18″ in length. Weight on these arms is just 1.5 pounds compared to the 3.5 pound weight of the standard steel arms. The aluminum arms feature the same 5 adjustable link mounting holes that the steel arms feature. Price above is for a pair of aluminum Antirock® arms. If you are upgrading a vehicle that is equipped with an Antirock® sway bar with steel arms, you’ll need the 1/2″-20 thin nylock nuts shown below to reattach the heim joints to the arms!